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“I am writing on behalf of Suzie Preidt, owner of National Permit Expediters. We work in a tough, fast pace environment of the construction industry. It is extremely difficult to find someone as dedicated and proactive as Suzie and her staff. Time and time again, she has somehow managed to pull through for me in a crunch. This company is willing to go above and beyond to accomplish whatever it takes to make sure her clients are taken care of and deadlines are met. Our company uses her exclusively, and we do not hesitate to refer her to our most important clients. You are absolutely in great hands with Suzie and her staff.”
-Rich Feducia, R&N Construction Group

“Over the last eight years, iDGroup has had the pleasure of working with Suzie Preidt and National Permit Expediters. We can always count on a quick and thorough response. The due diligence, guidance, and nationwide experience she provides have proven invaluable for our team. She has and will continue to play a key part in both our current and future projects.”
-Lauren Kwan, iDGroup

“It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Suzie Preidt – National Permit Expediters, Inc. Suzie and I have had a professional relationship for over 10 years. I thoroughly enjoy working with Suzie, and came to know her and her team as a truly valuable asset to our design team. She is patient, honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. Beyond that, she is an impressive negotiator who understands the commercial building application process and always achieves a positive result for my projects. Suzie’s knowledge of commercial building application process and her expertise in working with local building officials throughout the country has been a huge advantage to my practice. She has put this skill set to work in order for my projects to be successfully completed through building permit application process as directly as possible in order to meet my client’s specific construction schedules. Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Suzie to anyone. As a dedicated and knowledgeable permit expediter professional; and an all-around great person, I know that she will always be a beneficial resource.”
-Thomas Oppelt, Paddle Creek Design

“Navigating any given building standards department can be quite time consuming unless you know the nuances of each. Suzie has parlayed her experience into an efficient permitting machine. I send her my material and a short time later, I get my permits and her invoice for the services rendered, which… before I open… I know was worth every penny. Life’s too short to handle your own permit pulling.”
-Chris Granelli, CMG

“I can tell you your company has provided excellent service, communication and follow up. Your company has always been our go to provider for permitting.”
-Mike Foster, Sleep First

“Successful home building is about choosing subcontractors well. NPE is one subcontractor you need on your team today. True professionals who help streamline getting a permit. Never again will we apply for permits on our own. This is the way to do it! Worth every dime of the cost to keep us from running around, standing in line, or showing up with the wrong paperwork.”
-Alan Banks, Evans Coghill Homes

“On behalf of Bullseye Construction, Inc., I am pleased to provide a letter of recommendation for Suzie Preidt and her company, National Permit Expediters, Inc. Suzie has provided turnkey services for the entire submittal process of all of our retaining walls for our site development company for the past 5+ years. Suzie has provided exemplary service on each and every project that she has performed for me over this entire period. The burdensome process used to take me several months to complete. Suzie has been able to streamline and expedite this process with her attention to details and expertise and achieve all of this in half the time that it had taken me. Her professional aptitude, timeliness and accuracy on our projects has saved us countless hours and dollars that we are forever indebted. Suzie’s commitment to each and every detail of this process in unbelievable. I do not know what we would do without her services. She is one of a kind. “
-Kevin Johnson, President Bullseye Construction, Inc.

“In 2016 the Community Pregnancy Center of Lake Norman embarked on a new location in Huntersville. Our goal was to transform a residential house into a commercial building, a task far more complicated than we ever imagined. The first hurdle was trying to get through the portal with our plans and documents. After realizing we didn’t have a compatible computer program, we reached out for help. Our General Contractor Sam Gandy encouraged us to contact Suzie Preidt. A true blessing, first she understands all the language used in the documents and second she helps you navigate the request from the reviewers and clarifies what is needed to be done next. She turned a stressful task into a doable project. After nearly 8 months we had the project completed, Suzie is a tremendous blessing to the lay person venturing into such a HUGE task. “
-Jean Mims, Community Pregnancy Center

“Several years ago, Suzie Preidt/National Permit Expediters, Inc. was recommended to us for a large commercial retail project we were developing in Charlotte, North Carolina. She was able to help us navigate a complicated permit process and ultimately secure the approval of the building permits we needed to finally start construction on this important project. Since that time, we have used Suzie and her team to expedite the permit process for multiple projects and always achieved the same excellent result. I would highly recommend her services.”
-Thomas W. Vincent, Halvorsen Development Corp.