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In today’s ever-changing building industry, it has become a full-time job staying abreast of building code changes, individual jurisdiction requirements, and differing submittal processes.  National Permit Expediters, Inc. provides a comprehensive, industry-wide solution for streamlining and managing this process for architects, contractors, and homebuilders.  Utilizing our permit management service is an effective way to ensure the daunting permitting process is as quick, easy, and seamless as possible.

Our six part permit management service consists of:

1. Consultation is the beginning phase of the permitting process.  We will learn a little more about your unique project so that we can tailor our service according to your individual needs.

2. Due Diligence includes thorough research of the project and municipality, or municipalities.  We will provide you, our valued client, a copy of a detailed research spreadsheet that outlines the area's requirements, as well as estimation of fees, estimated review time frame, and other beneficial information.

3. Quality Control is the "vetting" or "gate-keeping” phase of our permit management process.  It is in this phase our permit expediting specialists will scrutinize plan sets, applications, and required paperwork to ensure all requirements are met and deficiencies are mitigated before submittal.  With nearly two decades of experience, the quality control phase is a proven time saver, setting National Permit Expediters apart from competitors.

4. Submittal includes the assembling, completion and processing of all required documents accurately and efficiently.

5. Monitor the review process, which includes ongoing communication and tracking of each project throughout the duration of the review and approval.  We will provide weekly, or bi-weekly status updates while ensuring the project continues to move forward smoothly, while expanding the growing relationship between your company and the applicable municipality or department.

6. Issuance or the approval phase marks the final stage of our permit management service.  We will send a project approval letter via email, along with the requirements and necessary information to secure the permit.  Not only will we inform contractors of what is needed, but we will also keep a record of each project for future reference.


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