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Simplifying Permitting In Mecklenbug County & Navigating The Express Review”

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The express plan review service in Charlotte, NC is an optional plan review service that enables projects that are within the program’s scope to accelerate the normal plan review process. This service will speed up the review process time from weeks to a single review session. The Express Review provides scheduling for tenant upfits, interior alterations, change of use permits and specific categories of new construction. Projects that are not permitted through this review route include high rise construction, communication towers, projects for DOI, daycares, large assembly, and hazardous classification.

The individual project designers whose professional seals are on the plans (architect, engineer, landscape architect, sprinkler designer, etc.) must attend the review appointment. If the plans examiner is not able to approve the plans, the project will either be placed into an interactive review cycle, which will allow the revisions to be resubmitted within two business days, or the project will be disapproved and require a second review cycle. The express review fee must be paid at the conclusion of the review appointment, and the permit and the approved plans will be issued within two business days of plan approval.

The experts at National Permit Expediters will coordinate and facilitate the Express Review meeting, ensuring all parties attend. As always, our services begin with conducting due diligence by comprehensively reviewing plans and documents, addressing deficiencies before the meeting, preventing potential comments from plans reviewers. We will meet clients at the building department, attend the meeting alongside architects and designers, while sharing our valuable knowledge and experience in our home market of Charlotte, N.C.