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What is a Permit Expediter? How could I benefit from such services?

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A permit expediter is a consultant utilized by home builders, architects, contractors, and the average person looking to perform work on a new or existing structure. Permit expediting services range from “paper pushing” or processing complex, time consuming paper work, acting as a courier, or a third party project manager, facilitating and aiding the plan review process. Permit expediters are proven assets in the construction industry that specialize in the implementation of their knowledge of varying processes, enabling clients to adhere to time constraints while saving money.

The expediters on staff at National Permit Expediters possess a wealth (almost two decades) of experience not only in the Charlotte, N.C. area, but the nationwide commercial market, specializing in a myriad of permit types. At NPE, permit coordinators are well versed in the reading and comprehension of the most intricate of plan sets. We will assist in the facilitation and progress of the plan review cycle. We will share our knowledge of the market with clients to help projects move through the cycle quickly and seamlessly.

A permit expediter proves beneficial by taking the headache and guess work out of the permitting process, saving time and money while freeing up clients staff to focus on other integral aspects of the project at hand.