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Building Permits in Charlotte and Burlington NC

In today’s building industry, change occurs regularly. When it comes to obtaining building permits in North Carolina, it is often times difficult to stay up to date with building code changes, individual jurisdiction requirements, and different submission processes. If you need a building permit in Charlotte or Burlington, North Carolina, National Permit Expediters can help. Our company has two decades of experience and can provide a comprehensive, industry-wide solution for managing permits for architects, contractors, and homebuilders. If you want to ensure that your permitting process is quick and easy, you should utilize our permit management system.

What Types of Building Permits do we Offer?

National Permit Expediters offers multiple permitting services and we serve a wide range of industries. We offer permits for:

  • Alteration/Exterior and Interior Renovations
  • Business Licenses and Certificates of Occupancy
  • Commercial Building and Shell Permits
  • Deck Permits
  • Demolition Permits
  • Dredge Permits
  • Low and High Rise Construction
  • Pallet Racking and Retaining Walls
  • Residential Permitting and Residential Upfit Permitting
  • Restaurant, Food Services, and Health Permits
  • Retail
  • Zoning Permits

What does our Building Permit Management Service Include?

Our permit management services are made up of six parts: consultation, due diligence, quality control, submittal, monitoring, and issuance. Consultation is the beginning of the permitting process where we learn more about your needs. Due diligence includes research of your project. We then provide our clients with the area’s requirements, estimation fees and time frame, and other helpful information.

Quality control is when our permit expediting specialists review plans, applications, and paperwork to ensure all requirements are met. Submittal involves the completion and processing of all required documents. Our staff then monitors the review process and provides multiple updates to ensure your project stays on schedule. Lastly, issuance is the approval and final stage of our permit management service. We send project approvals via email along with the requirements to secure the permit.

National Permit Expediters is here to help you obtain the building permits you need in the Charlotte and Burlington areas of North Carolina. Our company has two decades of experience and we have proven to our clients that we can help save them time when it comes to obtaining a permit. We possess a vast knowledge of the permitting process and we look forward to helping you with your projects. Call us at (704) 825-0533 for more information or browse our contact us today.