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Business License & Certificate of Occupancy

In order to conduct business within an incorporated area, many jurisdictions require the securing of a business license.  While the requirements and submittal process vary significantly from city to city or state to state, one thing is for sure; the permit coordinators at National Permit Expediters will put their nationwide expertise to work for you, securing licenses expeditiously.

Certificates of Occupancy are a requirement to officially open doors of business to the public in most places.  National Permit Expediters has successfully obtained Certificates of Occupancy from the west to east coast and everywhere in between.  Whether you are changing an existing structures type of use or increasing/decreasing a space’s capacity, National Permit Expediters can take the guesswork and headache out of the process by researching the area and requirements, coordinating what information is needed, and applying for the C of O in a timely and efficient manner.