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Commercial Building & Shell Permits

National Permit Expediters has been assisting architects, national retailers, and contractors to execute their projects on a national level for nearly two decades.  Our service area of expertise ranges from a first time ground up project, to a first time interior build-out, to minor interior renovations, and everything in between! Utilizing our services simplifies and streamlines the permitting process.  Permit management begins with thorough due diligence ensuring all submittals move forward seamlessly.

We will provide you with a research report outlining all requirements for the submittal, including the number of plan sets required, plan review fees, an estimation of the turnaround time, and details regarding general plan requirements.  Our permit experts provide first-class quality control by scrutinizing plan sets, ensuring all requirements are satisfied, addressing deficiencies before ever submitting to the building department.  We strive to get our clients the quickest review time and routinely follow up with all agencies to get your project reviewed and permit issued quicker.

National Permit Expediters worked along with Halversen Development, the developer of Prosperity Village Square Shopping Center, to coordinate the permit submittal for the new construction projects of the Publix Super Market and five retail buildings.

Publix was a phased construction project totaling 49,533 sq.ft.  The first phase consisted of the main building and the second phase included the front building canopy, the loading dock, and the pharmacy canopy.

On that same parcel were three new construction retail shell buildings totaling 23,600 sq.ft.  These projects were submitted through the express review process which allowed all the designers to meet with the reviewers to complete the initial review in one day.  Upon completion of the review, comments were received so the revisions could be made and re-submitted within two business days.  This project also encompassed two Revision To Approved Plan (RTAP) submittals which provide a quick review of revisions that were made to address field changes.

The final two buildings included Outparcel #1 totaling 6,000 sq.ft. and Outparcel #3 totaling 9,700 sq.ft.  These parcels were in the Conditional Zoning district which required an elevation approval through the planning department before plans could be submitted for the building department review.  After the plans were approved by the building department, an RTAP submittal was made to address field changes to Outparcel #3 which allowed a quick review of the revisions.